Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Late night musings, after two comments

Yes, it's fall - sorry about that - as the world spins on it's axis, fall does follow summer - tho with the heat of early this week.....

It's a baby boo pumpkin, that I "dressed up" last year with some tatting - black pearl cotton and orange beads

Ah, the cat - my seal point Siamese Sasha, with the very serious expression. You'd look serious also, if you had just squished yourself into the space of a kitchen drawer, and were wondering when the drawer that was being cleaned out would be returning.

No pics tonight - back from training at OCLC in Dublin - I'm full of acronyms. I'd like a little sulop with my ncip, please.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The infamous First Post

What everyone does - the first post that says nothing, but takes up space on the internets.

This is part of the Allen County Public Library Learning 2.0 collective learning, 21 wonderful things to learn and experience about Library 2.0